• 08-JUN-2015

Magirus Team Cab provides the highest safety level for firefighting crew cabs



Magirus’ new crew cab, the Magirus Team Cab is the first firefighting crew cab that passed a crash test according to the norm ECE-R29/03. Extreme test conditions prove the highest safety standard worldwide.

Magirus successfully documented, that its latest crew cab development, the Magirus Team Cab, meets the most demanding crash test standard. As the first manufacturer worldwide Magirus offers a firefighting crew cab that passed the ECE R-29/03 crash test.

The ECE R-29 regulation describes the test procedures to ensure that a Cab could withstand a fatal crash of a truck, including a front impact and a roll over during an accident. Comparing to the norm ECE-R29/02 the new regulation /03 increases the level of requirements for passenger’s safety. Since this regulation has to be applied as of 2017, Magirus went ahead and already provides now the highest safety standards.

Whereas the regulation /03 demands regarding roll over strain a static load of 7.5 tons for medium trucks resp. a load of 9.0 tons for heavy trucks, Magirus successfully passed the test with 10 tons static roof load without any loss of survival space inside the cab which is the main criteria for the Crew. Thus the specifications of the norm were exceeded by up to 25 percent.

The energy caused by the loads and impacts are mainly absorbed by the new developed cab bearings, which are also responsible for the maximum comfort level in the Team Cab. Highest safety combined with the highest demands in ergonomics and comfort – this was the guideline for the Magirus engineers when they developed the new concept of the Magirus Team Cab.

​Ulm, 8 June 2015