• 26-SEP-2013

New MAGIRUS Direct Entry (MDE) facilitates the operation of fire brigades.



In close contact with the users, the current software function "direct access in front of the cab” has been designed even more user-friendly. It allows articulated turntable ladders to automatically lower the rescue cage in front of the cab. Up to now this function had to be handled with the main operator control station at the rescue cage wherefore. A fire fighter first of all had to climb over the lateral ascents onto the ladder and into the rescue cage.

As from October 2013, the new function "MAGIRUS Direct Entry” is available for order. For this purpose, an additional MDE-button is installed at the front of the edge of the driver’s cabin. To carry out the MDE function the demand button has to be pushed from a fire fighter while monitoring the motion range of the rescue cage as it is out of sight of the main operator.

The ladder will then stop automatically after having reached entry level, thus the fire fighters can easily get into the cage. In particular with regard to the heavy workwear and the use of breathing apparatus, this new function will enormously facilitate ladder operations of fire brigades.

The new MAGIRUS Direct Entry has been registered for patent.

​26 September 2013


  • Michael Kretzschmar
    Magirus Communications Manager Europe
    +49 (0) 731 408 2447