• 12-JUN-2014

Rescuing heavy patients is easy with the Magirus Rescue Loader



The 150-year history of Magirus has always been marked by groundbreaking innovations that were prompted by steadily increasing demands on fire brigades. Thus the worldwide development towards an increasing percentage of overweight people was the impetus for Magirus to enable the rescue of obese individuals (= BMI over 30) in a manner that was easy on personnel and required less strength. Especially if the only way to the outside is through an open window.

The rescue of these patients was particularly difficult if no fire brigade crane was available with appropriate accessories and improvised rescue equipment such as wheel loaders had to be used.

With the development of the Magirus Rescue Loader RL500, heavy patients can now be rescued using turntable ladders. This unique rescue system is brought to the deployment site loaded in a rolling container, quickly hooked into the ladder tip instead of the rescue cage and automatically connected with the turntable ladder electronics through the control connector.

This system change is indicated to the machine operator on the display of the main control station. In the process, all Magirus safety systems, such as impact detection and load monitoring, are of course also activated.

The machine operator places the Rescue Loader with the transport arm in front of the opening from which the patient is to be rescued and then transfers control of the rest of the ladder manoeuvring to a second machine operator. He uses a wireless remote to control all ladder functions from the room where the patient is located and places the Rescue Loader precisely above patient, who is lying on a heavy-duty stretcher.

Two hoists allow the stretcher to be raised in a quick, precise, safe and effort-saving manner. Then four Magirus securing slings are used to attach the stretcher to the Rescue Loader, which, with a payload capacity of 500 kg, has sufficient load reserves to allow the patient to be accompanied by the rescuer if required.

The Rescue Loader is very manoeuvrable due to its compact mass and the 45° lateral pivoting capability of its transfer arm. An automatic levelling system that functions in accordance with the vertical angle of the turntable ladder and a transport function that can be lowered to -20° to reduce the load on the body of the patient also meet emergency service requirements.

The Rescue Loader can be optionally equipped with a camera system and two LED headlights for constant monitoring of the rescue operation.

Ulm, 12 June 2014