• 12-JUN-2014

The new Magirus turntable ladder design with focus on ergonomics, safety and functionality



Among fire brigades, the name Magirus has been synonymous with turntable ladders for 150 years. For several generations, the company has been building turntable ladders that are unique in quality and function. In accordance with this high standard, Magirus has continuously developed milestones in turntable ladder technology. Whether for the bracing, control or ladder function – Magirus has always set new standards.

Today Magirus turntable ladders are in use thousands of times over on all continents, in ice and cold as well as in stifling heat and tropical humidity. What guarantees that these turntable ladders reliably perform in day-to-day use is their state-of-the-art design, combined with intelligent technology and absolutely reliable function.

With the new turntable ladder design, Magirus has dedicated itself to the principle of “form follows function” and subordinated all designed and implemented new features to this requirement. Starting with the high equipment compartment, it can already be seen that Magirus did not just change the colours and revise the mouldings; the equipment compartment behind the cab has been given 20% more storage volume and a third, practical access point on the podium side if required.

The ascents to the ladder set are now arranged in the form of safety steps and provided with large bar handles that guarantee safe climbing. Changes were also made to the podium itself, and these modifications mainly improve the safety of the crew. All ascents were designed with non-slip special profiles and provided with indirect lighting. The new widened transition to the podium ensures ergonomic ascent.

To fully cater to the needs of safety, a new lighting concept was implemented in and on the structure. Powerful and glare-free LED light units are integrated in a specially designed end profile so that they are protected from damage. In this way uniform illumination of the surroundings is ensured over the entire body length. LED lighting rails next to the roller shutter profiles provide generous interior lighting of the equipment compartments, thereby enabling safe removal of the equipment. The entire podium surface, including the ascents, can be optionally fitted with the “MAGIRUS EDGE LIGHT” safety lighting. Embedded in the patented Magirus end profile for safe footing, it prevents falls in darkness or poor visibility through illumination of the podium edges.

Engineers and designers also devoted themselves to the main control station. It was completely revised according to ergonomic principles and further developed with new and enhanced features. For example, the inclination angle of the seat back was increased from 15° to 20° in order to optimise the view of the rescue cage when the ladder is fully upright. It is possible to adjust the inclination at any time using an electric seat adjustment. The oil pressure switch is now securely connected to the seat and follows its movement. This guarantees that the distance between the seat and pedal is always the same.

The control display swings into the working position at the press of a button and can be more easily operated with one hand due to a redesigned mount. The two control levers and the microphone were also rearranged with ergonomics in mind. The machine operator arrives at the control station through a wider access point. A new ergonomic handrail with integrated protective bar increases protection against falls.

The seating surface has been increased so that even with full deployment gear, comfortable seating is guaranteed. The seating surface moulded from sturdy material is heated, allowing it to contribute to the comfort of the machine operator in poor weather conditions. The rear ascents below the control station were also revised. They can be lowered as required and provide for an ergonomic ascent.

The rear of the vehicle combines function and warning elements especially for this purpose. For example, there is a light strip under a transparent cover over the entire rear width for mounting warning lights to secure the rear of the vehicle. Directly under the rear warning device is the powerful LED ambient lighting, which offers the machine operator optimal lighting conditions during the bracing process. The two bracing control stations are provided with large flaps that protect them from dirt and moisture. In addition, a flap that opens upwards enables unimpeded access to the emergency operation.

Various design elements round out the overall visual impression. In addition to new ladder set cladding and attractive wings over the rear axle, the bracing can also be optionally clad, making it nearly invisible. If you look at the new Magirus turntable ladder design in its entirety, you can quickly recognize the perfect combination of ergonomics and elegance – everything according to the MAGIRUS principle: “Always the best for the customer!”

​Ulm, 12 June 2014